The French luxury brand of Lise Charmel lingerie has been around for many years. The company was born in Lyon, France, the capital of silk. As a result, the brand has an international reputation for using the finest silk, satin, and lace within the beautiful designs and is known for its haute couture.

Red Lingerie

Custom-made corsets were what first put Lise Charmel lingerie on the lips of women throughout France. Today, the brand pulls inspiration from art, French and Italian designs, and has a variety of cuts and colors that forms one identity that is appreciated globally.

The company has had a lot of innovations throughout its history. Lise Charmel made a name in the 1970s when creative colors were integrated after sewing. Lace Lycra was often weaved in to add color. Multicore embroidery was implemented during the 1980s and in the 1990s, even more embroidery and color was added to the collections.

Sensual Lingerie

The brand has successfully launched a bridal line titled “Romantic Weddings” which has been available since 1998. In 2009, there was also a global launch called “Cruise” that featured inset lace that was laser cut. To add to the brand, Lingerie Jewelry was added in 2011, which allows women to choose from stunning designs that can be worn with their lingerie and add to the seduction and beauty that they are going for in their day to day lives as well as in the bedroom.

There are several collections for women to choose from including Lise Charmel, Loving Lise Charmel, Epure, Antinea and Frost. There is also a special corsetry collection and a bath collection, which is focused on providing swimsuits to appeal to any woman’s curves.

The designs have a variety of cuts to appeal to women all over the globe. Many are very delicate cuts, exploring the natural beauty of a woman. As a result, many of the colors found in the collections include white, taupe, baby blue, light pink and much more.

Black Chemise

Ultimately, those who are seeking French lingerie in cuts that only the French can be responsible for, Lise Charmel delivers each and every time. From the Precious Paris collection to the Smitten collection, the lines and the fabric are absolutely stunning and appeal to the women who want to feel beautiful through and through.

The company features a newsletter that discusses when it’s appropriate to wear certain types of lingerie and what lingerie is best for what social events. Further, those who get onto the newsletter will be able to find out about the new collections as soon as they are released.

French lingerie is not always easy to come by, especially for those who don’t live within the country. Lise Charmel lingerie brings it to women around the globe.