Lingerie Tips
The latest lingerie styles come in the form of catwalk-inspired sheer and shiny delight. However, it does not stop there. The immense selection of chic and intricately detailed inner and outerwear makes it so easy to create a dazzling imprint on those racy nights and romantic dates.If you wish to stay current and fabulous for the upcoming seasons, it is important to take note of the styles showcased in this year’s round up of fashion week. Not everyone is able to portray a sensuous look like Kim Kardashian during her latest raunchy cover for french magazine ‘L’Officielle’. It would be even more challenging to cause a stir like Kate Moss did during her return to the runway at Paris fashion week recently in a sheer lace flowery ensemble.Lingerie TipsHowever, it is possible to look sensuous in your own unique way, as Moss did alongside recently-risen fashion star Cara Delevigne. Delevigne wore a silky pink pair of white-lace bordered briefs reminiscent of the shiny trend. This was combined with a washed-out grey jumper and long, furry coat. The haunted house mystique foreshadows the biggest trend set for autumn/winter 2013 – 21st Century Romance.

21st century opulence takes us to a place of gothic mystique with a splash of sovereign magic that makes the trend dazzle. Take for instance the spectacular piece presented by Jean Paul Gautier during his spring/summer 2013 collection. The majestic oriental overcoat piece is paired with a set of empirical shiny tights, bringing across a vampire princess allure to the entire outfit.

Lingerie TipsIf you prefer to add a more feminine innocence, look for lingerie pieces that resemble styles similar to the ones worn by Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne during the Louis Vuitton lux parade. These pieces come in the form of archaic floral pieces such as Panache’s Angie basque – a dark circular patterned corset style shaping piece. It gives off the twisted murder-mystery feel portrayed during the Louis Vuitton show incredibly well.

The trend witnesses lingerie pieces – worn as inner, as well as outerwear – in shades of as deep red, blue and black. Shimmering décor embedded in the pieces is just as important as lacy and floral patterning. As well as these, there is a selection of lingerie pieces available out there, which is practical to wear with plunging necklines. For instance, the Splendour diamante backless bra contains a diamante back string to clasp the bra together. This makes it suitable to wear during glamorous nights out with a bond-girl style low-back robe.