Lingerie is not just a piece of intimate garment but a way to feel yourself through your clothing. There are many lingerie styles available, amongst them Chemise is a very popular style of lingerie that is sometimes termed as a traditional smock or shift. It is because of its simple style that it is also used as an outfit. However, its unique use was to make sure that the female’s external outfits always stayed secured from the body oil and perspire.

The History of Chemise :

French word “Chemise” means shirt. In other languages such as Portuguese and Spanish it is referred to as “camisa” and in Italian as “camicia”. The history of the chemise goes back to the Romans in the form of the Greek toga. Its popularity increased immensely during the Middles Ages in Europe. It was worn by both men and women due to its looseness as well as its size that reached the knees. It was either with sleeves or not. It was a common practice to find the women wearing the chemises underneath their gowns, robes and dresses. They were also washed regularly for hygienic purposes. The men used to wear the chemise under their robed and doublets.

Using pieces of clothes that had been cut into rectangular and triangular shapes the women were able to sew the chemises at their homes. There was a difference between the chemises of the poor and the wealthy since the poor sewed theirs using rough clothes whereas the rich used silky and fine linen clothes. It was the 20th century that saw the fall out of the chemises from the fashion arena. This was mainly due to the introduction of pants, girdles and brassieres. The chemises that are used to date don’t look the same as the initial ones. They are worn as nightwear or under suits to add a feminine touch.

The Evolution of Chemise :

Besides women’s chemise there also chemises that are available for men. The men’s chemises have evolved to today’s T-shirts. The men still wear them as undergarments underneath long sleeve shirts or polo shirts. Today you will find most of the chemises available in shops that sell lingerie coming with sleeves and sometimes spaghetti straps. The materials that make them are usually thin or fabric. The modern chemises also have cups that are sewn into them together with added establishments for trimming purposes.