BabyDoll is a style of lingerie that is incredibly popular since decades. It is the perfect combination of style, elegance and sensuality. There are some people snooping about just how these sexy two-piece lingerie sets of today found their place in the ranks of best selling lingerie items.

What Exactly is Babydoll Lingerie?

Babydoll is a type of lingerie that consists of a short little nightgown along with matching panties that is sold as a set. It is basically a style that looks good on most any woman, no matter what shape and size, and the lingerie industry has capitalized on that fact. Women like to wear them because it is easy to hide certain areas of the body while showing off its other assets.

What is a fuss about Name?

At this point, you may be wondering just where and how the popular babydolls got their name. You may have seen or heard of a movie filmed back in 1956 called Baby Doll. This film was considered to be controversial for its time. Actress Carroll Baker wore this type of sleepwear in the movie, and soon women of all ages were clamoring for the same garment. Those who collect vintage clothing are thrilled when a babydoll set from this era is available to them.

History and Evolution of Babydoll :

It is thought that the babydoll style somewhat evolved from the short bed jacket, and from the bed capes that were popular with women of all ages in the 1930s and 1940s. These jackets were usually frothy and lacy, quite feminine in design, and today’s baby doll design is no different. They were also about the same length as today’s babydoll, but lacked the matching panties.

The babydoll varieties of today more than make up for the modest lingerie designs of yesteryear. The style has always been erotically popular, but the babydoll of today burst forth as hugely popular once more in the 1990s. Young people of that era developed a look known by the somewhat ambiguous name of “kinderwhore”, and this type of lingerie was an important part of that look. Babydoll styles are widely sought after nowadays, and most shops which sell fine lingerie have given the babydoll a category all its own. This is not surprising, as the variety of babydoll lingerie available today is enormous and can be considered a bit extravagant in decoration as well.

Different Types of BabyDoll :

You can find babydoll lingerie and/or night wear that is suitable for a ten year old, so popular is the style. The simple cotton or nylon babydoll is popular with women of all ages for its air of innocence. However, the best selling varieties are the ones that have been designed especially for adults.

This type of short sleepwear is practically guaranteed to come across as rather risqué, if that is the wearer’s intention. When you start to investigate the babydoll assortment, you will find that there is a style available that will please anyone who has any type of titillation in mind!

You can find babydoll tops with such ornamentation as stretch fringe, designs with detailed lace bra cups or tie up straps that criss-cross in back, ruffled and jewelled trim, marabou feathers, ribbon beading, studs, cut out sides, halter necks, open bra cups, sequins, rhinestones, satin ribbons, sheer, see through material, and even more! Such details lend a bit of fun as well as variety to the garment.

Babydoll bottoms can also express the gamut of sexy styling. From fishnet material to mesh g strings to side bow panties, matching thongs accented with rhinestones and/or feathers, or a ruffled skirt panty, the bottom half of the set gives the wearer plenty of choice.

BabyDoll in Various Colors :

Let’s not forget about color! The babydoll style is available in every color of the rainbow. Many women prefer the alluring shades of black and/or red when selecting a pair of this type of lingerie, as these colors tend to be thought of as the most popular for lingerie that will be seen by the opposite sex. However, don’t underestimate the effect that a pale pink, white, or any other shade can have on the object of your affections!

Sexuality aside, most babydolls are just plain comfortable when worn as loungewear or as sleepwear, and certain styles are suitable for women of every age and size.