What is a Sports Bra ?

Any garment that has made exclusively by design and fabric type to supportive a breast line for activity of any kind may consider as a Sports Bra. Which is why Sports Bras have come a long way since two jock straps were sewn together to form the first Sports Bra.

Being a Bra consultant and adviser, I analyze catalogs and illustrations of Sports Bras most of the time. Literally there are numerous alternatives. i.e. Sports Bras can …

# adjust in the straps
# have an underwire
# adjust in the back
# pull over the head
# have seamless cups for everyday activities

The term Sports Bra isn’t meant just for sport. For an example, we talk about a Mom of three under the age of 12 about her day. She may not be “competing” in a sport, but she could probably make use of the support and comfort of a good Sports Bra given her active days.

Why Choose Sports Bra ?

The fabric content and design makes a Sports Bra different than your regular everyday Bra. The basic difference is, Sports Bra is designed to handle women in motion where a regular bra is designed with more of a fashion focus. The fabric content of a Sports Bra also emphasizes its functionality. The majority of Sports Bras are made to manage moisture and breathe more than a regular bra. It can be considered as an Active Bra as well. We can’t deny that a Sports Bra is not a fashionable garment. One can easily find Sports Bra with lovely prints and colors to choose from for average sizes. But, even larger cups like C, D and DD are getting some color options these days.

Get Your Right Sports Bra :

It is said to keep an attention to this garment many a times. As the right sized bra is inevitable the same imply to find your right Sports Bra which is important as wearing the right running shoes. Choosing a proper fit Sports Bra make you feel most comfortable and stay motivated during your active hours.

Just give it a thought that how many Active wear or Sports Bra have your bought over the years that get used once, maybe twice, only to get lost in the closet ? It’s time to seriously think about this decision and, consequently, save some time and money. You must know that the right Sports Bra for you is first and foremost based on your body structure and only then after on your personal preferences.