Following a breast enlargement procedure, it’s important to buy lingerie or bra of the right size. Your new knockers need plenty of support, so invest in some quality undergarments.

Here, in this article you will have a complete guide for how to choose the correct Lingerie or your right sized bra after your boob job or breast enlargement.

Opt for something comfortable :

After breast enhancement surgery, your breasts might feel sore, so opt for something comfortable. Choose a soft fabric and avoid underwired bra that might catch on your scars. Special post-operative bras will offer you support and can help you recover in good time. They provide the right pressure for your breasts and come with comfortable straps and front fastenings. Avoid anything that’s uncomfortable or tight and always follow your surgeon’s advice.

Get measured :

It can be tempting to buy an array of bras before you boob job but it’s best to shop when you’re feeling better. Bra sizes can differ significantly from shop to shop, so it’s important to get measured in each store. You might be a 36F (according to your surgeon) but that doesn’t mean that all 36F bras will fit you. Ask a highly-trained store assistant to help you find the perfect bolder holder and don’t leave until you’re satisfied it’s comfortable. Don’t worry if you come away with a size that’s bigger or smaller than your expected, just ensure it sits well on your chest and enhances your assets.

Check the Bra fits :

Shop assistants usually know what they’re doing but it’s up to you to double check the bra fits. The front wires should rest against the skin and the back should not rise up. There should be no wrinkling in the cup and you shouldn’t get red marks on your shoulders. If your bra is too big you won’t get enough support, but if it’s too small you could squash your new assets. Always ask a bra fitting expert to help you out and take a friend along for help and guidance.

Browse the right Online Stores :

If you’ve had large implants put in, head to stores that cater for big-breasted women. You’ll find an array of beautiful, attractive bras and won’t have to sift through all the smaller sizes. Many shops stock an array of lingerie, but look out for sections of the store that cater for curvaceous women. If you have trouble finding a large cup and a small back size (like a 32G) you might have to go online, but be sure to send the product back if it doesn’t fit!

Choosing a bra after a breast augmentation can be fun, but it’s important to do it properly.