A Bra or Brassiere should be regarded as an affix fashion item. No, not fashion item, rather a ‘Female Essential’. You wouldn’t compromise on the quality of your eye tests or your dental check-ups, and although it is sure that loads of women do not prioritize their breast in the same consideration as their general health, they really should. Not just because, if you don’t, you’ll become unhealthy, but because the way that you look and see your own body, really effects the female mind. Matter of fact when women see themselves in the mirror and don’t like what they see, they can get really depressed about it.

Ample number of articles and commercials have always been talking about Perfect Bra, the term aroused a question whether anything like perfect Bra does really exist? The answer is that simple, no two women are same that’s the reason the term perfect refers to different wants of different women. Any Bra of right size which is a blend of comfort and style is the Perfect Bra. Getting right size Bra is often a dilemma for many women; approximately 80% of women carry the wrong sized Bra which is not advisable as well as healthy for your busts, especially when the busts are in a very tense Bra.

Apparently endless variety of Bra fashions, it is sure to be troublesome to choose the Bra that’s just right for you. If you’re searching for a Backless Bra, Strapless Bra, a Nursing Bra, Push up Bra, Cleavage Bra or think you may need a professional Bra fitting, here’s a quick and easy guide that can help you find that perfect Bra fit.

Let your breasts have free time from Bras daily – it’s best to spend more than 12 hours of your day Bra-free. This will help the lymph flow inside your breasts. And when choosing a Bra, try to get yourself fitted by a professional.

Women aren’t ignorant, although some women see themselves differently to what they look like, but because there are so many ill-trained Bra fitters out there, that no wonder women are walking around clueless!

Undergarments, especially the right fitting Bra, does wonders for women. As it makes you look good and therefore makes you feel better, and if your busts are in the right place, your clothes will hang better, giving you a better silhouette and this will enhance your confidence.

What distinguish a Perfect Bra from ill fitting Bra:

# The back strap should be quite comfortable and sit properly and horizontal along your back. If it’s bending upwards, the back is huge for you.

# The bridge of the Bra should sit proper and flat against your chest. If it’s sitting away, the cups are too small for you.

# A well worn and washed Bra will need replacing in about 6 months. This is also a good time to get yourself re-fitted because, as we know, women’s weight fluctuates quite frequently.

# When you try on a new Bra, you should always start on the loosest hook. The back should feel comfy and then over time the fabric will give. When this happens, you use the middle hook and then eventually the last hook. When that becomes too loose, it’s time for a new Bra!

# Women mistake ‘Double Boob’ for cleavage! Double Boob is where the tops of the cups cut into your breasts creating a deep line which can be seen under clothes. Cleavage is where the Bra, in the right size, creates lift, shape and curve without the awful line.