Lingerie is an essential apparel for every women, when it comes to pregnancy one must take extra care for choosing their clothes which includes lingerie as well. Most women will need a good Maternity Bra in the final months of pregnancy, even if they don’t intend to breastfeed. A perfect maternity bra and breast pads are the best way of preventing leakage onto your clothes when you are heavily pregnant – the last thing anyone wants are milk stains on one of their best silk shirts. A good maternity bra is the best way of keeping your breasts comfortable in the last months of pregnancy when they’re feeling especially sore and heavy.

What to Look For :

During the later stages of pregnancy the breasts normally get bigger and your usual bra size may no longer suit you. When you are shopping for a maternity lingerie you want one with wide straps as this will help with the extra support you need. You will also need to look for a bra with a deep center at the front as this will be more comfortable. It’s a good idea to visit a specialist lingerie shop and get yourself properly measured as maternity bras need to fit well. During pregnancy you will find that your breasts become increasingly sensitive and so you need a bra that gives you as much coverage as possible. Make sure that the bras you get are fully adjustable; you need this when your breasts increase in size, which they generally do.

Go for a Proper Fitting Service :

Find somewhere that offers a personal fitting service, if there is not one in your area the National Childbirth Trust should be able to find the nearest store to you. Pack away your lacy smalls or silk underwear when you are pregnant. Choose a cotton bra as this will allow your skin to breathe and keep you more comfortable. Trained fitters will be able to assess how much extra space you might need as your breasts continue to increase in size.

Good maternity lingerie is not cheap and you need to make sure that you have the right one for you. In the early to middle months of pregnancy you need a bra that fastens on the first row and is still comfortable. Check the center seam and ensure that it fits comfortably against the breast bone. Choose a bra where the cups fit well and cover the top of your breast. Make sure that you have a bra that will still fit comfortably when fastened on the last hooks towards the end of your pregnancy. Once your baby is born you will lose a little weight and feel generally more comfortable.

If your breasts start to fill out early in your pregnancy then you may find that you need a couple more, larger sized maternity bras as time goes on. It’s a good idea to go back to the same place where you were originally fitted as you’re more likely to find what you need. Some pregnant women buy bras in two or three sizes so that the larger size is there when they need it. Buying a maternity bra should be an enjoyable part of the whole pregnancy experience, so don’t worry about the process.