According to a survey made in the past, over 90% of the women in the world wear a brassiere, many without ever asking why! Various women were asked about and they gave different reasons for wearing a Bra. In fact many of them gave different reasons for different types of Bra though wearing a Bra is not necessary regardless they wear for comfort, style and confidence as a result.

Bra is often considered as a foundation wear for every women for cultural reasons. During the ancient times, a strap of cloth was used to support the breasts which had been, over the period of time, modified and turned into a corset to hold the breast in right position to mold a woman’s body into a “supposedly” pleasing shape. In the late 1990s, in the Western culture, bra has been turned into an intimate garment. The main intention is to emphasize the sexual nature of busts. Moreover, bra is not for practicality – though for women with very large busts some kind of support can be a necessity in some situations.

The need of any Bra emerges to those women with small or medium busts. They are probably felt a little uncomfortable without them as they are used to wearing bras. They seek some sort of support to make them visibly normal. Matter of fact, it is more of a habit and psychological issue. Women begin to feel self-conscious or may a little awkward without bras if they are habitual of wearing them.

Talking about large bust women it is almost unmanageable sometimes during sporting activities. They intend to get them tied in a way that they don’t feel discomfort while movement. They look for some sort of strap to avoid the dislocation or spill off during day to day activities.

Thus, bra is an essential garment to support the breasts of women for various reason; to avoid spill off, sagging and dislocation of busts. To stay free from all the worries, it is advisable to wear right sized Bra for the right purpose instead wearing the one with looks only.