Do you love buying Lingerie or cutesy underwear from traditional boutiques or even from online stores? Since the early times, people already donned underwear, the style and form of which continued to evolve from the very first loincloth to the sheer, lacy, and trendy ones we have today. But did you know that apart from being used for its main purpose, underwear and intimate apparel can also be used for marketing purposes? Yes, you got that right! Your fab undies can also make a powerful promotional statement.

Women’s Intimate Apparel as Marketing Freebies :

Does intimate apparel or clothing make for effective promotional items? Yes they do. They can effectively stand for the main message or statement that a particular business sponsor has. The trick here is having a really clear and powerful message to begin with. What are the other perks you can get from using them as marketing tools?

Here are some you may want to consider:

1. Offers a practical and stylish trade show freebies option. Women’s lingerie or intimate apparel maybe highly personal items but you cannot deny the fact that they are very practical clothing pieces. Thus, your target audience will not hesitate to take them if you offer them as official freebies to a certain trade show or marketing event.

2. Has wide logo or message imprint area. Have you seen some of the women undies or lingerie they sell nowadays? There are styles imprinted or embroidered with quirky, funny, and even naughty messages that make them even more interesting and eye-catchy. Maximize this imprint space of intimate apparel pieces by placing your business name or logo or even your group’s official slogan anywhere in the item.

3. Easy to buy and order. A lot of promotional items, including underwear, are sold online nowadays. This makes it highly convenient for you to shop for and get them in time for your trade shows. Organizing and planning marketing events can really be a hectic activity and the option of getting promotional items online makes the task a whole lot easier and quicker.

Now that you know this particular use of women’s intimate apparel, will you consider them for a future marketing stint for your company? You’ll never know if they can truly give you advertising success if you don’t try them out yourself. Any particular intimate apparel you would want to use as freebies for your next launching day?